Youth are the

Young people will run the planet tomorrow. Let’s set them up for success.


At wooden mountain, we care about the young folk. Studies across the board hail climbing as king when it comes to really connecting with, and challenging, the younger generations. Thus, we offer a myriad of opportunities to plug the young folk into programs that will push them towards the next steps of becoming truly human. Check out our offerings below to find a program that fits your family.


Nothing like an after school program to unwind from a 7 hour school day.


Day camps. Summer camps. All Seasons. You just need to get them out of the house to burn some steam.


Does your kid have a competitive drive? Our Youth Team is a great fit for those looking to challenge themselves and dig deep.


Celebrate their entrance into this world.


Let us wear them out and teach them a few things while you go take a break. It takes a village.


Maybe they are not even walking yet. Don’t worry. We have a place for them.



Get your little ones moving and grooving so you can go snag those groceries, schedule that business call, or just lay there and have a thought to yourself.

4 week program for ages 3-5

Mon/Wed 9am-11am

With Parent Membership

  •  1x/week: $100

  • 2x/week: $190

  • Drop-in: $30

Without Membership

  •  1x/week: $125

  • 2x/week: $235

  • Drop-in: $35

Goodness gracious. Those kids just spent all day with their bodies cramped behind a desk. Let’s exhaust them!

Kids naturally love to climb and play. We want to focus that energy into a lifelong sport that can help them succeed later in life.

4 week program for ages 6-9

Tue/Thu 3:45pm-5pm

With Parent Membership

  • 1x/week: $80

  • 2x/week: $150

  • Drop-in: $25

Without Membership

  •  1x/week: $100

  • 2x/week: $180

  • Drop-in: $30



birthday parties

Celebrate passing through the birth canal


  • Cost: $165 weekdays/$195 weekends

  • Up to 10 participants

  • Each additional person: $12

  • Add Pizza: $14 per large 1-topping pizza

  • A short, interpretive dance from one of our staff can be added for $50


  • Private event room + 1 staff member + AutoBelays

  • Climbing instruction + supervised climbing games

  • All necessary climbing equipment

  • Bring your own food -OR- we can order pizza



Knob grabbers. midget monkeys. Dingle biscuits. Whatever you call them, we call them The Future.



We open our gym exclusively for the kiddos. They have free range to roam around the entire gym and rule the world. Then they go home, eat lunch and take a three hour nap.

  • Tuesdays and Fridays, 9-11am

  • Includes admission + shoe rental + harness + coffee

  • Parent supervision always required, see rules

  • $8 per kid

The Mezzanine

Imagine 500 square feet of contained, padded, and cushioned space. Now add a mini climbing wall, buckets of toys, and your kids imagination to roam and play. You can sit back and drink coffee while overlooking the entire gym. Maybe you even get some work done at one of our standing desks. Maybe.

routes for tiny hands

If you are tired of your kids clambering all over the furniture, jumping off the back deck or just clawing at your weary parent body, we have a place for you and your precious offsprings.

At any moment, our gym hosts a dozen or so routes designed for those tiny hands that are always reaching. Bring them in a allow them the freedom to express their energy without concern. Walls are meant for climbing, and little humans are born to ascend the tall stuff.


Climbing Team

to see each individual reach his or her full potential

If you enjoy the mixture of climbing, friendly competition, and a healthy dose of discipline, then you probably need to join one of our unique climbing teams, instructed by Coach Adam. Every member of the team will be equally appreciated and all levels are welcome! With limited spots available, this is a huge life changer you don’t want to miss!

Comp Team

M/W/Th 4:30-6pm - $190/mo

Practice for performance. Dominate your expectations. Grow for life. This team is focused and driven to compete to the best of each member’s ability. Travel is required for local, statewide, national and global events.

Club Team

M/W 4:30-6pm - $180/mo

Try team climbing on a team without the commitment. Pursue self improvement with the structure and support of a team and coaches that care.


Team fees include:

  • EFT Membership and associated Benefits

  • Unlimited Fitness Pass

  • 2 -OR- 3 coached sessions per week with team

Team members will:

  • Learn to dig deep within themselves while pushing personal limitations through self-discipline.

  • Participate in a supportive team to develop camaraderie, friendship, strength, flexibility, and humility.

  • Foster life-long skills essential for maturity and all things growing up.

  • Experience risk management, embrace struggle, and practice perseverance.

All levels are welcome / ages ~5-18

(with parental judiciousness)

Practice starts Monday August 26th

super sloths final bold.png


 HomeSchool Phys Ed


Audience: Home-schoolers

Instructor: Coach Adam

When: Re-starting Fall of 2019, Fridays 1 – 3 pm

Ages: 6-14, parents are welcome


  • $160 ten sessions

  • $25 drop-in


  • $88 ten sessions

  • $15 drop-in

Here is the skinny

Our little people will ingest nuggets of experiential wisdom, obtain physical awareness, practice how to approach life challenges, acquire survival techniques, practice fear domination, undergo risk-assessment exercises, learn historical tidbits, rehearse general hygiene, and heaps of other super-practical and quasi-radical skills. All of this will be efficiently packed into ten 2 hour sessions.

Each session will explore a topic, stretch bodies, and expand minds through a lesson and guided bouldering session, followed by a debriefing powwow.

Sign up now or risk potentially one day waking up feeling empty inside



“Well-educated offspring can guarantee minimal life Tangles, while maximizing rock dangles”

-heel hook harry





Summer Climb Time

Fridays 10am - noon

Ages 7-14

Members: $15/kid -AND- $10/additional kid

Non-members: $25/kid -AND- $20/additional kid

Drop your kids off. Climbing + Games + Instruction. You go get a coffee and listen to the silence.

REGISTER ahead of time and SAVE


Youth Team Prep Clinic

July 15 - 18 / 9am - 2pm

Ages 10-17

Members: $185

Non-members: $235

Training for the 2019-2020 Competitions. Meet your team and start training! An introduction to competitive climbing for anyone looking to join a climbing team.

Youth Team Prep Class

Tuesdays and Thursdays / 3:30pm - 5pm

Ages 10-17

Members: $15/kid

Non-Members: $25/kid

Start training for the Youth Climbing Team.


Bigfoot Strength Camp

July 29 - Aug 1 / 9am - 2pm

Ages 7-12

$215 / $155 Members