Monday-Friday: 10am-10pm

Saturday: 9am-8pm

Sunday: 12pm-6pm

Sunrise Sessions: MON+WED+TH 6am-10am (members only)

Little Climbers: TU+FRI 8:30-10am (kids only)

* Our hours are expanding with demand.

1503 Taurus Ct, Loveland, CO 80537


weekly Fitness Classes

Strong Climber Training: Tuesdays - 5:30-6:30pm

Injury Prevention and Antagonist: Thursdays - 5:30-6:30pm

Underwater Basket Weaving w/ Heel Hook Harry: TBD


first time visitor?

We would be honored to have you visit our gym, climbing is most likely the best sport in the world. Before you start clambering up our walls, we would suggest having you look over our nifty FAQ and RULES pages.

Also, you can save heaps of time filling out the proper waiver before you come in:

  • If you have no minors or plan to climb with your minor people, FILL THIS GUY OUT.

  • If you are filling out a waiver for a minor only, GO HERE.

We will be awaiting your arrival with eager anticipation. Actually, bring your sunglasses, because our staff are so psyched to meet you, their smiles will be bursting from their face like sunbeams… It’s really exciting to make new friends.